We Build....Your Day, Your Life, Your World!
Our goal is to make Advanced Technology accessible to everyone! Let us help you or your business we will BUILD the necessary equipment or necessary skill set through tailored experiences to bring your ideas to reality! Weekly workshops and personal consultations BUILD your learning!
We FIX....Your Day, Your Life, Your World!
Downtime is lost revenue for a business, it can make you lose part of your audience for serious gamers/content creators or mess up date night for the rest of us. We FIX, repair and upgrade your LIFE by keeping your equipment running and updated improving your WORLD!
We Innovate....Your Day, Your Life, Your World!
Here at TeckLife even our business model is INNOVATIVE! We are the only computer repair and sales store that is also a tech /gaming/crypto lounge, specializes in sales and repair of cryptomining rigs and provides the opportunity to learn about technology through workshops! Imagine what we can do for you!

Our Company

TeckLife Innovations is located in the “City of Brotherly Love” Philadelphia, Pa. We are the only computer store serving West Philadelphia neighborhood which we have labeled a “Tech Desert” an area which has no access to stores which sell advanced technology. WE are officially the WORLD’s first “Computer Sales and Repair Company specializing in the Sales, Repair and Maintenance of Advanced Computers and CRYPTO MINING RIG’s”. Our focus as a tech company is to utilize advanced technology to change how the world works. Our goal is to develop ways to make access to advanced technology accessible to everyone. Schools, Gyms, Docter’s Offices, Daycares and more! Through extensive partnerships, donations and self-sourcing materials our store provides the gift of technology to everyone.

Our Products

Gaming Computers

A high-end Windows PC that is able to reproduce advanced graphics and quick response to controls is commonly called a gaming computer or workstation. Although available ready-built, gaming PCs are often custom made. 

Crypto Mining Rigs

At TeckLife Innovations we offer a complete 360 service to get you crypto mining. Serving the country, we offer in-home installation, private consultations as well as the ability to upgrade your current electrical systems with our technicians to safely install your mining rig or mining farm. 

Equipment rental

We offer temporary solutions to your computational needs. You can rent and use our advanced computer systems inside the store or take our equipment to use in your own setup with a deposit for as long as you need it with the option to purchase

Computer Parts

Sourcing parts in effort to upcycle your aging equipment can be tough we have a full stock of server, desktop and laptop parts which we sell. Do not hesitate to call us about hard-to-find parts for your DIY repairs. 

What makes us stand out.

Our hi-tech solutions for you:

Customizable charges

Our diverse and customizable payout structure offers you the control to financial flows


Highly advanced monitoring system works to keep you notified at all times about hash rate changes

Access Managing

Now share safe access to your account through API integration without comprising on security

Our Services

Custom Computer Sales

Mining Rig Sales/ Repair and Consultation

High-Tech computer
space rental area

Web and multimedia Design

What we offer.

Our Product & Services

Resulting in the emergence of new exciting Crypto Currency trends, business models evolve with time either because of the advent of some technology or market changes. At TeckLife Innovations, we stay abreast of the startup ecosystem globally. Therefore, we have come across a lot of interesting new themes that are gaining popularity, one of them being Crypto  Currency Mining hardware.

Today, we offer hardware solutions for best mining cryptocurrency. Take a look at some of our products and services:

Building High-Tech Innovative Machines

We build not just mining rigs; we also construct advanced machines and hardware that provide solutions for mining based on ASIC (Application Specific Integrated Chip). We also offer cloud solutions for blockchain and AI applications and develop and sell ASICs, PCBs, boards, servers, and data centers for best mining cryptocurrency.

Providing Tech Support

We know the technical complexities one can face when getting and installing the hardware setup. That's why we offer technical support to our clients whenever they need it.

Crypto Mining

With our passion for being the bank that produces a digital form of money, we have mastered the art of mining. It refers to the process of gaining digital currencies by solving cryptographic equations with the use of high-power computers. The solving process involves verifying data blocks and adding transaction records to a public record (ledger), a blockchain.

Building GPU Mining Rigs

We build high-tech and high-quality GPU mining rigs. They are special computers put together for the sole purpose of mining digital currencies using a graphics processing unit (GPU). Our mining rigs have premium specifications and are compatible with Universal, Bitcoin, and Ethereum.

What they say abotu us.



Our miners trust us and the flying profits they see for other miners on our platform.

Starting form automated mining to end-to-end solutions, we have supporting stats, checking, automation, reporting, and pool integrations to make your crypto journey efficient, powerful and profitable.

TeckLife Innovations supports GCU, CPU, and ASICs with a devoted web console which ensures an effective device management for everyone. All our systems and platforms are completely automated to support effectual profits and performances on Windows, macOS, Linux and ASICs.