Our Company

     TeckLife Innovations is located in the “City of Brotherly Love” Philadelphia, Pa.
We are the only computer store serving West Philadelphia neighborhood which we have
labeled a “Tech Desert” an area that has no access to stores that repair/sell advanced
technology. We are officially the WORLD’s first computer store which operates as:


      •  Computer Sales and Repair Company
      • Specializes in the Sales, Repair and Maintenance of Advanced Computers.
      • Operates as a Marketing and Networking Hub
      • Gaming Lounge
      •  Learning Center with weekly workshops on Computer building and Professional skills.

     Our focus as a tech company is to utilize advanced technology to change how the world works for both businesses and the consumer. Our goal is to develop ways to make access to advanced technology accessible to everyone. Businesses, Schools, Gyms, Docter Offices, Daycares and more! Through extensive partnerships, donations and self-sourcing materials our store provides access to technology to everyone. Let us help you build your business today!

TeckLife Innovations Solutions

Professional Business Services

Computer Sales/Repair/IT Services

The Computer Shop

Gaming Computers

A high-end Windows PC that is able to reproduce advanced graphics and quick response to controls is commonly called a gaming computer or workstation. Although available ready-built, gaming PCs are often custom made. 

Advanced Computer Rigs

At TeckLife Innovations we offer a complete 360 service to get you  mining. Serving the country, we offer in-home installation, private consultations as well as the ability to upgrade your current electrical systems with our technicians to safely install your single or multi system setup. 

Equipment rental

We offer temporary solutions to your computational needs. You can rent and use our advanced computer systems inside the store or take our equipment to use in your own setup with a deposit for as long as you need it with the option to purchase

Computer Parts

Sourcing parts in effort to upcycle your aging equipment can be tough we have a full stock of server, desktop and laptop parts which we sell. Do not hesitate to call us about hard-to-find parts for your DIY repairs. 

Our Services

Custom Computer Sales

Advanced Computer Sales/ Repair and Consultation

High-Tech computer
space rental area

Marketing, Web Design, Branding, SEO

What we offer.

Our Product & Services

Building High-Tech Innovative Machines

Our plan is to build the best computers on the market at the best price possible! I am always working looking to find the best deals offering deep discounted certified parts and brand new parts in our builds.

Providing Tech Support

We know the technical complexities one can face when getting and installing the hardware setup. That's why we offer technical support to our clients whenever they need it.


We are earners and learners also! Interested in learning more about computers, cybersecurity or what it takes to get into the IT field? Contact us we can help get you started.

Building Community Partnerships

Community is everything to us. Have an idea about a partnerships or grant program. Lets talk. I answer all inquiry's and questions personally.

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