Crypto Mining Rigs

At TeckLife Innovations we offer a complete 360 service to get you crypto mining. Serving the country, we offer in-home installation, private consultations as well as the ability to upgrade your current electrical systems with our technicians to safely install your mining rig or mining farm. 

Mining rigs are advanced desktop computers which have had their components reconfigured and software modified to perform highly demanding computational processes. For instance, the average high end gaming desktop computer only uses a single graphics card or a single CPU to perform its daily tasks. Mining rigs use multiple graphics cards or CPU’s to be able to handle the intensive task of crypto mining. But why become a crypto miner? 

Two great reasons 

1) You can earn some serious cash! You get PAID in the cryptocurrency of your choice for running your mining rig. Which you can cashed out for fiat (dollars) or saved for future profits if the crypto currency you chose raises in value. Eventually recouping your initial investment and continuing to make profits! 


2) You will be part of a network supporting the of adoption of cryptocurrency which will enhance the way the world connects!


also sell all the parts needed to build your own rig: mining rig frames, PCIE risers and splitters, SSD drives, M.2 adapters, USB cords, 8 and 6 pin splitters, 6x PCIE 1x splitters, mining motherboards and many other parts. Any questions please contact us! Contact us today!

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