About Us

Teck life Innovations specializes in helping businesses grow and achieve relevance. We operate in many facets of  industry. Our goal as a company is to be a part of the way you develop your business into your dream. We are a beginning-to-end solution allowing you to consolidate many aspects of your business. We also allot our time into learning and teaching about Cryptocurrency Mining and digital currency investments.  We want to see you take advantage of this growing industry. That means we want to help people who are just jumping into this space, and for those of you who are already riding the Crypto wave, we wish to assure you that you’re getting the most out of your business. 

We are not simply cryptocurrency consultants.  We have a deeper grasp of the overall business and we are crypto miners ourselves. We maintain our finger on the pulse of the industry’s direction and can thus assist firms with any area of Cryptocurrency.

Our Company

TeckLife Innovations is located in the “City of Brotherly Love” Philadelphia, Pa. We are the only computer store serving West Philadelphia neighborhood which we have labeled a “Tech Desert” an area which has no access to stores which sell advanced technology. WE are officially the WORLD’s first “Computer Sales and Repair Company specializing in the Sales, Repair and Maintenance of Advanced Computers and CRYPTO MINING RIG’s”. Our focus as a tech company is to utilize advanced technology to change how the world works. Our goal is to develop ways to make access to advanced technology accessible to everyone. Schools, Gyms, Docter’s Offices, Daycares and more! Through extensive partnerships, donations and self-sourcing materials our store provides the gift of technology to everyone.

How can we be of service to you at home and at your business?

1. We can build custom computers to meet your needs.

Whether it is a gaming computer to play the most advanced level games or teach a class in video editing we can build a custom solution for you.

2. We can host you or your class!

We have advanced computers in-house with the hardware to handle any type of video or data intensive work youneed. Call us to schedule an appointment.

3. Rent or purchase our hardware

Need an upgrade solution? We have the most advanced graphics cards on the market Nvidia RTX 30 seriesgraphic cards and the AMD Rx 6000 series to rent, fully built computer systems utilizing their power (choose your graphics card) and cryptocurrency mining rigs.

4. We know crypto currency

We have the hardware to get you into the space. We could teach you or a class about how to use/build a computer which you can use to mine crypto currency and finish your weekly sales reports at the same time! An excellent revenue generating option for your business or home!

5. We are teachers and lifelong learners.
Our store is for the same purpose call us about partnership ideas.

We only sell the best of both new and extensively tested pre-owned equipment to our clients to bring advanced technology solutions to the world and we back our equipment quality promise with a 30-day money back guarantee on all pre-owned equipment. (10% restocking fee on all fully functional returns)

We are aware

We are aware of the time constraints that come with technological deployments and software development. Our staff can work effectively with you to achieve your objectives. There isn’t software on the market that can meet the demands of every organization. We can collaborate with you to discover the best solution to your problem. When developing your solution on top of existing software isn’t essential, we may use our extensive understanding of current technology to write it on top of existing software. From the beginning, we’ve been experimenting with and working on Blockchain development and Crypto Currency that we use and specialize in to spread it into the world and let people innovate with it in the industry.